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Quality Assurance in higher education is always a hot topic in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. Due to the limited expenditure of budget, low accessibility towards the IT resources and limited number of varsities, it is the immense need of the time to gauge the current maturity of quality assurance in higher education. Rapid change in best practices, technology and alternate solutions to education due to COVID-19 pandemic, it is the core requirement of the nation to gather the experts and professionals, to forecast the new trends and solutions for the improvement in quality assurance in higher education of the country.
In this regards, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of NED University of Engineering and Technology in partnership with the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of Ziauddin University, Karachi is organizing an International Conference inviting the International and National experts to discuss and disseminate the knowledge and best practices related to the quality assurance in higher education. The major outcome of the international conference will be;

  • dissemination of best practices and results, to the representatives of the higher education institutes, faculty members and professionals from the industry
  • collaboration of government, industry and academia
  • acquiring new challenges and research problems for the future researches